At an early Age Onno Morsch became interested in music.
With always putting together his own mixtapes and ripping music from the radio with cassettes the journey began.

In his Younger Years he did some different things concerning music in a general aspect.
For instance he played the piano at the age of 8/10 and played the bassguitar in a band for a short while.
This just wasn’t what he was quite looking for.

With the years changing so did his taste in music and after visiting his first party with hardstyle he suddenly and
immediately became hooked.
This was the style in music he was looking for.

Without any real dj ambitions he started just mixing some sets on his pc for listening at home or in the car
but this just didn’t really feel right.
When a friend told him he was selling his Reloop turntables the decision to actually start mixing was an easy one
and within a few months practicing his first gig was a fact.

After 6 months of fanatically spinning and practicing he entered the Cynergize Contest, to his surprise he made it
into the Talent room of the Cyndium Party in The Sand: His first ‘Real’ Gig.
About a half year thereafter Art Of Dance Decided to start a talent contest for their Concept: Reset.
Without any hesitation he entered the contest and got chosen bij Art Of Dance and Dj Luna himself to close the Talent Room.
This was Definitely one of the most exhilarating days in his entire life and finally some recognition as a talent dj.

Be sure to keep checking this talented dj if you like raw fast paced mixing!


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